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On the 10th of March 2000, I had my second daughter, Jacqueline Luna.
In 2001 I’m guest in various famous TV shows like “C’è Posta per te” with Maria de Fillippi, “Novecento”, “Domenica In”, “Porta a Porta”, ”La vita in diretta”, “Maurizio Costanzo Show”, “Saranno Famosi”, and “Carramba, che sorpresa!”.
In 2002 I recorded a new version of “Disco Bambina” and I presented “Zecchino d’Oro” obtaining an incredible audience record. At Christmas time I’m on RAI in “La Canzone del Cuore” and in the morning in “Natale con Topo Gigio”.
In 2003 partecipated in “Domenica In” with Paolo Bonolis and I danced to the choreography of Marco Garofalo. In that same year, I participated as guest star in the soap opera “Un Posto al Sole”.
2004 is another year full of success for me. “Domenica In”, my new CD “Heather Parisi, Le Più Belle Canzoni” and I was in the jury of “Miss Italia”, where I created for the first time my own choreography dancing and singing with the girls participating in the event.
I’m a guest on “Grande Fratello” and “Il Cielo è Sempre Più Blu” hosted by Giorgio Panariello.
In 2005 I’m a guest again on “Domenica In”, “Verissimo”, “Le Iene”, “Grande Fratello” and in the jury of “Ballando Sotto Le Stelle” besides being a special guest host for “Affari tuoi – Speciale”.
In the same year, Vittoria Ottolenghi asked me again to dance at the prestigious “Todi Arte Festival”.
This was another really big honour and I accepted without any doubt.
I danced to the live music of Avion Travel and the choreography of Veronica Peparini who, besides doing choreography around the world, will become even more famous on Maria de Filippi’s show, “Amici”.

Like many an eclectic and creative artist, I have always loved writing, as I do reading.
In 1997 I began writing my first film script, an inspired autobiography entitled “The Life of Catherine”.
Then I began to study filmography in Milano.
This project after being revised, would become “Blind Maze”, a movie entirely written, screen played, produced and directed by myself and presented at the 65° Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia 2008.
In 2009 I created my own blog www.heatherparisi.com.
In 2009 I launched my personal fashion brand HPeace.
On the 22nd of May 2010, incredibly at the age of 50, I became a Mother again. My precious twins, Elizabeth Jaden and Dylan Maria and I decided to follow my beloved Umberto Maria Anzolin to a new city far from away from Italy.
Since then I have been living in Hong Kong, my dream city, where I continue to write my thoughts for my first book. We love to travel around South Asia to discover new cultures and new ways of living.

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