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In 1981 I’m on TV again on Saturday night in “Stasera Niente di Nuovo”, with Raimondo Vianello e Sandra Mondaini. In 1982 I’m with Beppe Grillo in “Te la do io l’America”. In 1983 I dance with Raffaele Paganini in the show “Al Paradise” directed by Antonello Falqui, where I hosted with Milva and Oreste Lionello. The show was awarded at the Montreaux Festival as best Television Show of the year.
After doing “Fantastico 1” with Beppe Grillo, “Fantastico 2” with Romina Power and Walter Chiari, “Fantastico 4” with Gigi Proietti and Elton John and then “Fantastico 5” with Pippo Baudo, I went on to work with Pippo Baudo again where we hosted “Serata d’Onore”. In 1986 I made my debut as an actress in the movie Grandi Magazzini with Nino Manfredi, Renato Pozzetto, Michele Placido, Ornella Muti, Massimo Boldi, Paolo Villaggio, Christian de Sica e Lino Banfi.
1986 is the year of ‘my’ “Festival of Spoleto”, an international big event with all the best classic and contemporary dancers from all over the world. Such as: Misha Van Hoeke, Daniel Ezralow, Alessandra Ferri, ISO (Momix), Elisabetta Terabust, Vladimir Devrianko, Julio Bocca, and Vassiliev.
Just for curiosity: Vittoria Ottolenghi, the famous and extremely severe Italian dance critic, did all that she could to let me participate at this Festival, fighting with all those who tried to oppose. At that time they considered me as too “Television-y” for this kind of kermesse, but in the end I greatly succeeded. I was honoured to have been on such a prestigious stage. They didn’t realize that my background was identical to theirs, Classical ballet!!
Later on, I was a protagonist together with “The New York City Ballet” and “Chorus Line” at the Festival of Nervi, with my “Heather Parisi Show”.

I became so famous, that all of the major Italian companies wanted me as their testimonial: Fiat, Parmalat, Swatch, De Cecco, Findus, Ferrero, Standa, Balocco, Bassetti and Ferrarelle.
In 1987 the “molleggiato” alias Adriano Celentano, wants me as partner in the show “Fantastico 8 ” and “Fantasticotto”.
Then I hosted “Stasera mi butto”, three editions of “Serata d’onore”, “Pronto Topolino”, “Una Sera al Luna Park” e “Ciao Weekend”. I was dancing and singing in all of these television shows.

During all those years, I never stopped for a while and I accumulated a great success. And not just on TV. Besides doing my tours with “Io, io, io e voi” around Italy and Africa, and travelling to Spain and Germany guesting on important Television programmes, my first record “Disco Bambina”, remained at the top of the charts as Number 1, for over 2 months, winning a Gold record. I obtained two more Gold records with “Cicale” and “Crilù”. I interpreted many other records like “Ceralacca”, “Ti Rockerò”, “Dolce Amaro”, “Livido” e “Pinocchio”, written especially for me by Pino Daniele.
In 1989 I’m the “queen” in “Stasera Lino”, with Lino Banfi and I dance with Steve La Chance. In May I accepted the invitation from Fininvest and I made my debut on Canale 5 with Mike Buongiorno hosting the prestigious Gala of “Telegatti”. It was the first time that this show was hosted by a Television entertainer from their rival the RAI.
During the same year, I’m hosting with Lello Bersani at the “Grolle d’oro” and with Fabrizio Frizzi and Giancarlo Magalli at “Saint Vincent Estate ‘89”. Then with Johnny Dorelli I presented “Finalmente Venerdì” and I recorded the scandalous “Livido”.
In 1990 I hosted the show “Buon Compleanno” to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Canale 5 with Corrado, Gerry Scotti, Raimondo Vianello and Maurizio Costanzo.

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