• March 02th, 2017
  • heather
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I will not wash my mouth out with soap.   I truly thought it was someone's obsession. On the contrary! In Italy, everything is forgiven. but "flipping the bird" is a no no.  I see hypocrisy and a bit of bigotry. It is 'my' opinion, God forbid. I think that at times, certain conversations without curse words or inappropriate gestures, are far more disrespectful and hurtful. It is the excitement and thrill (emotion?) that comes from within, that counts. A gesture or off-putting word, at times, is used in a cleansing way....

  • March 01th, 2017
  • heather
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San Francisco, here we come.....
  • December 21th, 2016
  • heather
  • Posted in Free Mind
Pinocchio   A few days ago I fell upon a comment by an incredulous follower of Luogocomune (www.luogocomune.net) who was flabbergasted by the images of Bin Laden, Aldo Moro, the moon landing, and by controlled demolitions, in the background, during one of my musical numbers choreographed for "Pinocchio", a song written for me by Pino Daniele, that aired on Rai 1 during the second show of Nemica Amatissima.  I must admit that the disbelief is mine! How is this so, I have been asking myself sin...

  • December 04th, 2016
  • heather
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The original sin   I would have preferred in writing a thank you letter regarding the great opportunity of returning to RAI 1 as a way of saying goodbye to my fans. But many a word was left strangling in my throat. I decided not to utter a word, out of respect to everyone who displayed their affection, before, during and after the two Nemica Amatissima shows. Alas, it is especially for my limitless sense of responsibility that I have decided to write this article, for the Italian audiences. I arrived in...

  • December 02th, 2016
  • heather
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Heather Parisi: “Diffidate sempre da quelle che si spacciano per icone gay!”   Alessio Poeta per gay.it http://www.gay.it/televisione/news/heather-parisi-intervista-nemicamatissima "Nel '79 amavo i gay e l'acqua Panna, mentre oggi amo i gay, mio marito, i miei figli e l'acqua Evian".   Se chiudo gli occhi e penso per un momento alla star internazionale Heather Parisi, me la immagino perfetta. Poi, quando la incontro, mi accorgo che la perfezione è davvero il suo cavallo di battaglia. Pelle impeccabile, denti bianchissimi, capelli luminosi e un savoi...

  • December 01th, 2016
  • heather
  • Posted in Interviews
A Cicada in Hong Kong   Valentina Mazzanti for China in Italy INTERVIEW/HEATHER PARISI Ballerina, singer, actress, entertainer and screen writer, considered the unquestioned Queen of Television in the 80's and 90's, is living now in Hong Kong with her family. We will be seeing her return on Italian television with "Nemica Amatissima", with a double appointment on December 2nd and December 3rd, with Lorella Cuccarini. Her future is bound to be in China but for everyone, "I will always be the eternal cicada"....

  • November 20th, 2016
  • heather
  • Posted in Diary
Nemica Amatissima Report Card 5   The Nemica Amatissima Report Card, 5th week ... 10. To the director Stefano Vicario, a real Gentleman, to Massimo Pascucci, our director of photography, a magician, to the cameramen, to all the production staffers and to all of the technicians. To switch on a TV Studio, like Teatro 5 of Cinecitta', is an enchantment that needs a lot of effort and with an impeccable preparation. I'm so lucky to work with such a great professionals. A big hug to all of you. 9. To the son & daughters ...

  • November 13th, 2016
  • heather
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Nemica Amatissima Report Card 4 The Nemica Amatissima Report Card, 4th week ...   10. To all of you, fans and not, that swarmed me with affection after my interview at "Parliamone Sabato". I love Italy and Italy loves me. 9. To Antonio Campo Dall'Orto (Rai's General Manager), to Andrea Fabiano (the Head Director of Rai 1) and to the RAI Television. After 30 years, I put foot, yet again, on the 7th Floor at Viale Mazzini. I immediately felt at home. I was fixated with his desk thinking, should I or not start dancing?! ...

  • November 06th, 2016
  • heather
  • Posted in Diary
Nemica Amatissima Report Card 3   The Report Card for my 3rd week during "Nemica Amatissima", this time, destructed like a kitchen .... 10. To Sorrisi e Canzoni Tv: I truly can't remember how many covers I have had with this magazine. Probably more than 25 .... And, I keep dearest each and every one .... 0. To Giusy Cascio of Sorrisi e Canzoni Tv: Dear Giusy, after more than 30 years of an amazing career and from a magazine with such a prestigious background that you write for, I was expecting something a tiny bit more...

  • November 02th, 2016
  • heather
  • Posted in TV
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